Beginner Gym

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Beginner Gym

Beginner Level

Our guitar gym section is all about you guys playing along in real-time with your tutor, Dan. You'll be walked through a guitar gym session in much the same way a fitness instructor would walk you through a workout. Each workout level increases in difficulty by adding more speed and more exercises. Alongside each video, you will find a summary of all your exercises including links to the tab if you are unsure of them. The guitar gym will ensure that you can physically handle any solos riffs or chords that we approach in the guitar skills section, so pick up the guitar and let's get started!

Level 1 Workout

Our first workout session is all about getting you used to how our guitar gym section works. We take 3 relatively simple exercises and play them through at three speeds, getting faster each time!

Level 2 Workout

Each workout increases in difficulty and this workout is a big step up from the first. We tackle pentatonic exercises, take our spider exercise across the entire neck and increase the top speed by 10BPM.

Level 3 Workout

In this guitar gym session we increase the amount of time you are 'working out' for to really test your endurance! We add more new exercises, including a string skipping exercise and an arpeggio exercise! We also increase the top speed by 20BPM!

Level 4 Workout

We step things up again by pushing the top speed up to 160BPM, 20 above the previous guitar gym. We also start a lot faster and add new legato based exercise to ensure that you are practicing your hammer ons and pull offs properly!

Level 5 Workout

This is the top level of the beginners guitar gym, so make sure you have completed all other 4 levels before tackling this! We go way up to 180BPM (4th notes) and add in your final exercises to make for a pretty intense guitar gym session.