Dimebag Darrell

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Dimebag Darrell

Advanced Level

If you love metal guitar, then you will love Dimebag Darrell. His whacky whammy bar tricks, incredible technique and aggressive playing are still what most metal guitar players emulate when they learn how to play in this style. In this Dimebag Darrell player study Dion skillfully guides you through 2 solos in the style of 'Floods' and 'I'm Broken'. We then check out a heavy Dimebag style riff and peruse his signature tricks, licks, and techniques to make his so unique. To cap it all off, we take a look behind the scenes at how we got Dimebag Darrell's guitar tone. For any guitar player that wants to play metal, this is course is a must!

Unit 1: How To Solo Like Dimebag

We kick off our Dimebag Darrell player study with this heavy metal guitar solo. Dimebag is a true master of technique, so we take a detailed look at each individual lick and how to get it up to speed.

Unit 2: Dimebag Darrell's Trick Bag

Let's take a deeper look at some of Dimebag Darrell's techniques and licks to help us understand how he plays, and be able to use these skills in our own improvisation. We cover whammy bar usage, chromatics, inverted powerchords and more!

Unit 3: Riffing Like Dimebag Darrell

Let's take a break from all the lead guitar we have been working on, and take a look at how to riff like Dimebag and how to get that Pantera style sound. This bad-ass riff contains chunky palm muting, pinched harmonics and massive powerchords!

Unit 4: Floods Style Solo

For the last teaching section of the Dimebag Darrell player study we will learn another solo, this time utilising Dimebag's more melodic style playing as well as more signature whacky licks!

Unit 5: Getting The Tone

Dion will now walk you through all the gear he used to get the Dimebag Darrell tone, including the guitars, amps and pedal chains. If you live that classic metal sound then you will love this!