Eddie Van Halen

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Eddie Van Halen

Advanced Level

Revolutionise your playing

Welcome to the Eddie Van Halen Player Study! As guitarists, when we think of finger tapping, we think of Eddie Van Halen! He was a true pioneer of rock finger tapping and a true master of the style. In this course we will be taking you through a finger tapping masterclass as well as analysing all the other techniques and tricks that EVH uses in his playing

Finger Tapping Primer

Before we properly start looking at EVH's specific style, we will do a short 3 lesson primer to show you how to properly tap using 1 and 2 strings. Be sure to work through this section before tackling the first EVH solo!


Our first solo study for EVH we take a look at a purely finger tapping piece that will really push your technique to the limit!

Eddie's Trick Bag

In this section of our player study we will be looking at 4 awesome techniques and licks that EVH uses in his 'trick bag'! At the end of this section Jay will demonstrate how to use all these ideas in your own improvising.

Costa Rica

It's time to take a quick detour from the EVH lead and start looking at the rhythm side of his playing. We take a look at a full track based around his key chord based ideas, using Suspended chords, harmonics and dive bombs!

Slap It

In our final solo study we will combine all of EVH's techniques and licks into a seriously hard solo to get together! This is not for the faint hearted, but if you really commit to it and put the practice in, you'll get it!

Getting The Tone

Chris takes you through all the guitars, amps and pedals we used to get an accurate Eddie Van Halen tone. Yes, tone is generally in the fingers, but there is only so much you can do without some of these key bits of gear!