Electric Beginners Level 1

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Electric Beginners Level 1

Beginner Level

Lay the best foundations

Welcome to our Electric Beginners Level One course! If you're just starting out with an electric guitar then this is the course you need. We'll take you step by step through the key aspects you need to lay the foundations of your guitar playing and this is where we lose any bad habits and really focus on building good habits and good techniques. We focus on this from the very start to set you up to progress as quickly and efficiently through this and future courses as possible!

Essentials Part 1

This course is all about laying the foundations. We will show you how to play your first chords, read chord charts and strum confidently in time. Follow this carefully and you won't have any bad habits moving forwards!

Essentials Part 2

Now that we've covered some basics, it's time to kick things up a notch! In this set of five lessons, we'll be learning some trickier chord shapes, the "universal strumming pattern" and finally tackling a full song for the first time!

Essentials Part 3

In this course, we'll be learning three more open chords, including the notoriously tricky F major! We'll then explore the difference between swung and straight rhythm patterns and finally tackle a new song with a hint of Van Morrison about it!

Essentials Part 4

We will now bring together everything we have learnt so far by tackling the hardest song yet! This song has multiple chord parts, three different rhythm patters, dynamics and a pretty cool riff to learn... let's go!