Electric Beginners Level 2

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Electric Beginners Level 2

Beginner Level

For our second venture into the world of electric guitar, we find ourselves in a world of distortion and electric-specific genres! We'll cover power chords, crucial in playing in any rock or punk style, as well as electric blues to ensure that you keep expanding your repertoire beyond rock and pop music. As always, our courses are supported with custom written, professionally recorded tracks to help you master the material.

Unit 1: Turn It Up To 11! Part 1

We will be taking a step away from the open chords and venturing further up the neck by learning power chords! Powerchords are the foundation of thousands of rock/punk songs, and we will learn how they work and play two awesome powerchord riffs!

Unit 2: Turn It Up To 11! Part 2

We begin by looking at palm muting, then we expand our powerchords and finally put it all into practice by learning a full Green Day style song! This course is great fun and will get your powerchords up to scratch in no time.

Unit 3: Electric Blues Part 1

There is nothing more satisfying than playing through a cool blues riff and seeing people move their bodies to the groove you're laying down! This is exactly what we want to achieve on this course, and we kick off with a blues tune and 7th chords.

Unit 4: Electric Blues Part 2

In this set of lessons, we will be tackling a classic Chicago blues sound that will not only sound great, but also seriously test your guitar skills! In fact, it is so tricky that we have dedicated almost an entire course to it!