Electric Beginners Level 3

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Electric Beginners Level 3

Beginner Level

Our third and final electric beginners course introduces you to the challenging world of barre chords! From a rhythm and chord perspective, these are the gateway to becoming an intermediate player, so we've decided to devote an entire course to learning them. You'll gradually work through each of the four main barre chord shapes, learning a lot of great new rhythms, techniques and songs along the way. Once you've completed this course you are ready for the Electric Intermediate section

Unit 1: Barre Chords Part 1

In this course, we start the mammoth task of learning barre chords! We will start by doing an exercise to develop hand strength, as well as discuss why barre chords are so useful. We then learn the E shape barre chord and play a cool tune with it!

Unit 2: Barre Chords Part 2

In this course we continue our barre chord quest and tackle the A minor shape. This shape is based on the A string so it involves re-learning the notes on the A string, more barre chord exercises and finally a cool R&B style song to play!

Unit 3: Barre Chords Part 3

At this point in the barre chord quest, we will be tackling the third shape, the Em shape. However, there is still a lot to be done on the previous shapes to get them confident and clear, so in the song at the end of this course, we use all 3 shapes!

Unit 4: Barre Chords Part 4

We are now in the final segment of our epic barre chord study, and our main focus is the A shape. This means that by the end of this course you will have all 4 main barre chord shapes added to your arsenal and will be ready to move onto the next level!