Electric Blues Essentials Level 2

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Electric Blues Essentials Level 2

Advanced Level

Welcome to the second instalment of our Blues Essentials series. This course directly follows on from our Level 1, and our focus turns sharply to "slow blues"! So, what is slow blues? Well, it's a little more than just a slower tempo than the upbeat shuffle, it is in fact an entirely new beast, based around a 12/8 time signature. During this course, we will walk you through everything you need to play awesome slow blues tracks, including the theory, chord shapes, lead techniques and even arpeggios to use in your soloing. We're excited to have you here on our blues quest, so pick up your guitar, and let's get started!

Unit 1: Slow Blues Groove

We kick off the course with an intricate slow blues rhythm track. We'll go deep into the theory behind 12/8 time signatures, learn the progression and how to bring 9th, 13ths and various chromatic ideas into your slow blues grooves!

Unit 2: 7th Arpeggios

n our second unit, we learn a crucial set of arpeggios that we can use to expand our blues soloing, and even chord playing. Learning dominant 7th arpeggios allows us to target chord tones as we move through our 12 bar blues progression.

Unit 3: Slow Blues Solo

Up next we have an absolute cracker for anyone who loves a bit of blues lead! We take the chord track from unit 1 and learn a sublime slow blues solo over the top. The solo has everything in it!

Unit 4: One Man Band

In our final unit, we bring it all together by learning a "one-man-band" style of slow blues. Our aim is to internalise that 12/8 groove, and be able to play the chords and lead intertwined, whilst keeping the foot tapping and the feel flowing.