Electric Intermediates Level 1

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Electric Intermediates Level 1

Intermediate Level

This course follows immediately on from Electric Beginners (Level 3). Our first intermediate electric course will help you expand your knowledge of chords to include all CAGED shapes across the neck, dramatically improving your versatility. You'll also learn trickier and more subtle rhythms, and discover how to use dynamics effectively. This is a challenging course as it really focuses on dividing the fretboard into five positions to ensure you have an understanding of the whole guitar, not just the end of the neck!

Essentials Part 1

It's always tricky for a guitarist to know if they are an "intermediate" player! In this part of our essentials course, we'll help you find out, with a recap of all the things an intermediate guitarist should know...

Essentials Part 2

Now let's take your playing to another level! In this course of lessons, we look at major CAGED chords. These shapes will help you improvise, create unique guitar parts and generally deepen your understanding of the guitar. Enjoy!

Essentials Part 3

We look the minor CAGED chord shapes, which will complete the set of chords we need for now. These are a slight alteration on the major shapes, but allow us to tackle a brand new pop/ska style tune!

Essentials Part 4

This set of lessons will really get your brain working as we test your CAGED chord skills. Then we'll attempt the hardest song to date, featuring arpeggiated CAGED chords, major and minor CAGED shapes and new rhythm patterns to sink your teeth into.