Freddie King

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Freddie King

Intermediate Level

Pure blues energy

Welcome to our Freddie King player study course! I'm personally absolutely delighted to be walking you through every aspect of Freddie's blues playing, especially as he's one of the most influential guitar players in my life. There's something quite magical about the way Freddie King commands the stage, taking total control over the band, both rhythmically and melodically. His guitar appears to simply be an extension of his body and soul, entwined with his soulful vocals and incredible awareness of the groove. Put simply, Freddie King is an absolute master of every aspect of the blues, and we have a lot to learn from him.

Going Up

We're not messing about here, as we dive headfirst into our first track. This track is all about learning to hit the big riffs like Freddie does.

Lead Vocalisation

One of Freddie King's most powerful tools is making his lead sound extremely vocal. This unit is all about helping you to develop that vocalisation.

How Much Can You Get?

In our 3rd unit, we start to get a deeper understanding of how you can apply the previous lick to every single key and really use them.

Slightly Different Blues

For our final unit we will be tackling another full Freddie King style solo, as well as a full chord track which will certainly push your chord theory a whole lot further