Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix

Intermediate Level

Study the legend

Welcome to our Jimi Hendrix player study. We're studying everything that defines Hendrix as a guitar player. This includes his exceptional lead skills, rhythmic prowess, and chord mastery. We'll explore how he seamlessly combined all of these elements to create something truly groundbreaking. From full on fuzz-fuelled rock, to Jimi's trademark chords-with-lead style, Dan will take you through all the technique and theory so you'll be able to create your own music in Hendrix's legendary style.

Hoodoo Baby

Welcome to our Jimi Hendrix player study! We kick off with a track that will introduce us to the Hendrix rhythm and lead concept, without having to tackle any real theory - that comes later!

Major Licks & Chords

Now we’re really going to start diving into the theory behind Hendrix’s chord playing. There are two elements we need to establish, the first is what scales you use with which chords, and the second is giving you some cool licks

Minor Licks & Chords

We are now ready to add the minor chord to our rhythm and lead playing. We’re specifically working with Hendrix’s favourite shapes, and he very much roots in two chords, the E and A shape minor CAGED chords.

Bubble Gun

In this unit we’re going to take a break from the chord and lick ideas, and really focus in on just how awesome Jimi Hendrix is at soloing!

Channelling Hendrix!

In this final section we take everything we have learnt and really encourage your own creativity! It’s all about taking a simple track and working to make it a Hendrix track. Dan skillfully guides you through the process.