Joe Bonamassa

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Joe Bonamassa

Master Level

Blues and beyond

Welcome to our Joe Bonamassa course, a 28-lesson journey that will provide profound insights into the artistry of one of the greatest blues-rock musicians of our time. Throughout these five units, we'll unravel the secrets behind Bonamassa's mesmerizing solos and captivating riffs. From the subtle bluesy tones inspired by legends of old to the blistering speed of pentatonic runs, we leave no stone unturned. Dive into the essence of Bonamassa's style, and you'll possess the tools, skills, and understanding to play like a true maestro.

You Snooze You Blues

In this unit we start with a classic upbeat blues rock solo that will help you join your pentatonic shapes across the neck, expand your blues vocabulary, and help you decipher what is happening in those epically fast pentatonic scale runs.

Talkin' Tenths

In our second unit we have another Bonamassa style solo for you, but this time we dial in on the Eric Johnson influenced licks that Bonamassa has absorbed so beautifully into his playing, in particular using 10ths.

Blue Gin

It’s time to take a detour from our epic soloing skills, and take a look at Bonamassa’s impressive ability to create catchy blues/rock riffs.

Whiskey Blues

In this track we take a look at a classic 12/8 style slow blues. This style of blues is where Joe Bonamassa really flexes his blues muscles, and has produced some of the most exciting, moreish and fully loaded guitar solos we’ve ever heard.

Stormy Blues

For our final track, we are bringing it all together! We take a classic Bonamassa style blues-rock ballad and write a solo to die for! It includes all of Bonamassa’s phrasing, technique, speed and incredible pentatonic skills.