Kurt Cobain

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Kurt Cobain

Beginner Level

Welcome to our Kurt Cobain player study! It's fair to say that Kurt is not an obvious choice as the "guitar hero" that our player studies typically focus on, but trust me, he is a worthy inclusion. He is somewhat of the "anti-guitar-hero", and for that alone, he deserves a place in our Player Study hall of fame.

Kurt Cobain is one of the most important influences to so many great, modern rock guitarists. Across the years, so many have said that "Come As You Are" is the first song they ever learnt on a banged-up old acoustic guitar, and this includes our wonderful tutor Franco.

Kurt truly did change the course of rock music forever and was the founder and leader of the headline act of the grunge movement, Nirvana. It's fair to say that "Nevermind", the band's most famous album, is still regarded as one of the best records ever made. There is so much we can learn from Kurt and his guitar playing... not least to mention his incredibly dynamic playing, the rhythm that changed rock, his freedom with soloing as well as his notorious guitar tone and dark music theory concepts!

In this wonderful course, Franco takes the lead as he walks you through all of these aspects, ensuring that the balance between theory, technique, skill and application is always apparent. As you learn the tracks you'll understand them, and as you understand them, you'll be able to work out and create your own.

Unit 1: Adult Spirit

Our fundamental focus here is to shine a light on the dark art of power chord riff development and how Kurt Cobain brings these chords to life

Unit 2: Getting The Sound

We're going to dive into the specifics we need to learn to get the Kurt Cobain sound. This includes the pedals, the theory, the alternate tunings

Unit 3: Cobain's Lead!

Kurt Cobain is certainly not your typical lead guitar player, and it's for exactly this reason that this unit will be so interesting to study.

Unit 4: Box Shaped Box

The structures, the tunings, the rhythms, chords, soloing... Everything we have covered is beautifully demonstrated in this custom written Nirvana style track.