Lead Guitar Beginners Level 1

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Lead Guitar Beginners Level 1

Beginner Level

Want to play lead guitar? This is the course to get you started! Starting from absolute scratch with spider exercises and basic techniques to build the foundations, we'll then work towards playing riffs and eventually full guitar solos! The focus is very much on exercises to build strength and dexterity in the fingers, as well as learning the "ultimate" rock scale that will enable you to improvise over any key almost instantly!

Essentials Part 1

During these 5 lessons we will be taking you through how to read tab, learning your first exercises, developing perfect technique and much more. Think of this first 5 lessons as the foundation that will allow you to play any solo's and riffs you want!

Essentials Part 2

During the next 5 lessons we will be focusing on the Pentatonic scale. We will not only be learning the shape, but also learning how to play major and minor as well as playing in any key so that you can start improvising!

Essentials Part 3

We will be ramping up the difficulty level by learning soloing techniques, how to riff and even attempt your very first full guitar solo! There is plenty to absorb in this next set of lessons, so make sure you set aside some quality practice time!

Essentials Part 4

In this final week for the essentials course, we will be developing your pentatonic playing even further by adding bends, looking at another solo using all the techniques you have learnt so far, and finally learning a Foo Fighters style rock song!