Lead Guitar Intermediates Level 2

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Lead Guitar Intermediates Level 2

Intermediate Level

Lead riffin'

Welcome to our Lead Guitar Intermediates Level 2 course! In the previous course, we delved into the art of improvisation and soloing. In this exciting new journey, we shift our focus to the world of guitar riffs. But here's the twist: riffs aren't limited to just rock. They find their place in genres like funk, blues, jazz, pop, indie, and more. Throughout this course, we'll take all your scale knowledge and apply it to crafting riffs across a diverse range of genres. From Muse-inspired rock riffs to Nile Rodgers and Chic-inspired funk grooves, Howlin' Wolf-style to Arctic Monkeys, you'll explore different keys, scale shapes, and techniques.

Mastering The Riff Part 1

Being able to play riffs is equally as challenging as soloing as your consistency and rhythm have to be perfect! We will be looking over typical rock and blues riff inspired by Muse and Howlin' Wolf, so have fun!

Mastering The Riff Part 2

In this course we will be taking a look at funk and indie riffs, inspired by Nile Rodgers and Arctic Monkeys! We will need to learn 16th note patterns and master dynamics to get these sounding good.

Techniques For Building Speed

Time to take a closer look at a variety of techniques that will become crucial if you want to improve your lead guitar playing. How you hold the pick and your left hand strength can make a huge difference to your overall speed and accuracy!