Pentatonic Mastery

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Pentatonic Mastery

Intermediate Level

Five notes, infinite possibilities

Welcome to the Pentatonic Mastery Guitar Gym Course, where all our Pentatonic Guitar Gym sessions converge into the ultimate pentatonic guitar experience. Whether your musical heart beats for blues, rock, soul, funk, metal, or any genre imaginable, you'll find the magic of pentatonic scales at the core. From crafting beautiful melodies to shredding epic guitar solos and everything in between, these scales are the cornerstone of any guitarist's toolkit. Here at YGA we ensure you master them thoroughly - Our approach to the guitar gym is hands-on, sweat-inducing, and goal-orientated!

Workout 1

Our first workout session is all about nailing the 5 pentatonic shapes across the neck in a variety of keys.

Workout 2

In the second workout we bring in a new sequence across all 5 shapes, as well as start to develop our legato playing (hammer ons and pull offs). We then combine the two workouts!

Workout 3

Our third workout takes another big step up as we start to move towards 100BPM 16th notes! That is seriously quick and it will take a lot of practice to get to that point comfortably. We also add a new exercise to the pot!

Workout 4

Our final workout will really push every single intermediate player to the limit of their technique! We introduce some cool linking patterns in a variety of keys and then put everything together at 100BPM 16th notes.

Workout 5

In our first workout we introduce the descending pattern in fives, which will be a little bit of a shock to the system! We, therefore, kick-off at a reasonable 60BPM using picking and legato.

Workout 6

For our second workout we start where we left off at 80BPM and gradually work towards 100BPM 16th notes. As we progress through the workout we bring back in some of the exercises from the previous course to ensure that you continue to develop.

Workout 7

For your third work out we step the level up again with an awesome, Joe Bonamassa / Eric Johnson inspired descending pattern across the neck. This is the main focus of our workout as it is very challenging and extremely fiddly!

Workout 8

For our final workout we are really ramping up the speed. We take all of the key exercises that we have looked at over the pentatonic mastery courses and kick off at 80BPM. We then move up gradually to a massive 110BPM