Advanced Level

Slash is the quintessential "guitar hero", but there's more to his playing than the long hair and top hat! This course offers an in-depth look at his lead playing, including complete breakdowns of two custom-written solos in the style of his biggest Guns N' Roses hits. We'll cover the scales and techniques involved, such as the harmonic minor, pentatonic and full scales, and work on how you can easily apply them to your own improvising. You'll also learn how Slash helped define the rock sound of the 80s and how you can use his skills in your own songwriting.

Unit 1: Lovely Lady O'Mine

To kick off our Slash player study we will jump head first into this awesome solo that will test your speed, rock licks and how well you can rock a wah wah pedal! We also use a few harmonic minor notes along the way!

Unit 2: Welcome To The Park

We will now move over to the rhythm side of Slash's playing and look into how he achieves some of those classic Guns n' Roses sounds. This is definitely one to have a lot of fun rocking out to!

Unit 3: Slash Licks & Scales

For the majority of Slash's rock playing he is using the minor pentatonic scales, he does like to bring in other elements as well. We will take you through how he uses major pentatonics, full scales and blues scales.

Unit 4: October Sleet

In the final teaching section of this course we take a look at a more melodic style Slash solo which makes full use of all the scales we have gone through in the previous section, as well as some really cool scale run ideas.

Unit 5: Getting The Tone

Chris takes you through all the guitars, amps and pedals we used to get an accurate Slash tone. Yes, tone is generally in the fingers, but there is only so much you can do without some of these key bits of gear!