Steve Lukather

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Steve Lukather

Advanced Level

The guitar player's guitar player

Welcome to the Steve Lukather Player Study, a comprehensive exploration of the iconic guitarist's style. Steve Lukather, renowned for his contributions to Toto and his prolific session work, epitomizes the term "virtuoso." We kick things off with a captivating pop solo that showcases Steve's ability to infuse intricate and theoretical guitar lines seamlessly into popular music—a remarkable feat.

Rogue Spammer

We kick off our Steve Lukather player study with an awesome Toto style solo! Ollie will take you through this solo based in the key of F major, including some cool ideas where we target specific chords with our soloing.

Steve's Trick Bag

Ollie will now take you through hybrid picking, alternate picking, economy picking, 'dips' with the whammy bar, harmonising using diatonic 3rds and dorian ideas!

Party In Ollie's Trousers

Let's take a step away from the lead playing and tackle a typical Steve Lukather style rhythm part. Like a lot of more progressive music of the day, this track modulates between a complex 19/8 time signature to a more standard 4/4.

The Ultimate Lukather Solo (Part 1)

Ollie has put together all of his favourite Lukather licks and ideas to create a massive solo that will dramatically improve your skill across the entire neck.

The Ultimate Lukather Solo (Part 2)

We are continuing our epic quest to master this Lukather style solo, and in this section we tackle some extremely quick hybrid picking arpeggios, more dorian sounds as well as the mixolydian pentatonic!

Getting The Tone

Chris takes you through all the guitars, amps and pedals we used to get an accurate Steve Lukather tone. Yes, tone is generally in the fingers, but there is only so much you can do without some of these key bits of gear!