Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Stevie Ray Vaughan

Advanced Level

SRV's unique brand of Texas blues is a must-learn for any blues guitarist, this course will guide you through it. You'll be tackling his quick lead playing and his dynamic slow blues, as well as his rhythm and chord techniques! We'll also show you how to bring these elements together alongside a variety of blues backing tracks. Our SRV course is perfect for deepening your understanding of blues guitar.

Unit 1: Pride & Happiness

We kick off our SRV course with a fast paced, no nonsense Texas style solo! We root ourselves firmly in the key of E blues and work on developing speed, Texas licks and rhythm within your soloing.

Unit 2: The Texas Shuffle

Soloing is only one aspect of SRV's monumental sound, the other being his aggressive and intense rhythm playing. We will take the Texas style track we learnt in the previous section, except this time tackle the rhythm side.

Unit 3: Slow Texas Blues

Now we've covered SRV's 100 mile an hour style tracks, let's take it back a notch and look at how the master works over a slow blues. We start by looking at the typical chords he would play over a 12 bar and how to play licks within those chords.

Unit 4: Texas Storm

In our final section we take the slow 12 bar blues we learnt previously and tackle an awesome Stevie Ray Vaughan style solo which will push you to the limit of your blues playing. The solo makes use of Stevie Ray Vaughan's incredible dynamic playing.

Unit 5: Getting The Tone

Chris takes you through all the guitars, amps and pedals we used to get an accurate Stevie Ray Vaughan tone. Yes, tone is generally in the fingers, but there is only so much you can do without some of these key bits of gear!