Tom Misch

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Tom Misch

Advanced Level

A modern guitar master

Tom Misch is hands down one of the most talented guitar players of the modern-day, and his unique brand of soul, jazz, pop and funk has really accelerated him to guitar stardom! In this in-depth player study, we take a look at every aspect of his playing, and really work out what makes his style so distinctive. Not only that, but we show YOU exactly how you can learn this style and add it to your own playing.

Misch Chords

In Unit 1 we focus our attention on the chords of Tom Misch! We love to call these jazzy extensions "fruity chords"...

Misch Groove

In Unit 2 our focus is rhythm! Tom is extremely well known for his unique rhythm tracks in pop records, so our job is to break them down for you!

Misch Lead

For unit 3 we draw our attention to the lead skills of Tom Misch! We're able to break down his approach by covering a variety of styles and techniques that you need to master.

Disco No

Finally, for unit 4 we bring everything we have learnt together in an epic Tom Misch style track that continues to develop the lead, rhythm and chord skills we have worked on.