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It's time to ditch the pick and start playing some fingerstyle! In this course Thomas gets you started with the fundamental techniques and ideas you'll need to become a great fingerstyle player!

  • Unit 1 | 4, 5 & 6 Strings
    In Unit 1 we cover the absolute basics. We take all of the main open chord shapes that you already know, and explain how you would use the different fingerstyle patterns to pick through each string. This is the absolute core to the course, and will allow you the time to get familiar with the feel of fingerstyle, using the best possible technique.

  • Unit 2 | Folky Fingerstyle
    In Unit 2 we take it up to the next gear by bringing in chord inversions and embellishments to our fingerstyle patterns. We focus on a full folk style track that really encapsulates the sound of this wonderful genre.

  • Unit 3 | Hip Hop Fingerstyle
    In Unit 3 we really jump up a notch, and enter the world of hip hop fingerstyle! It's so much fun to see just how applicable this style is to a wide range of music, and this track demonstrates that perfectly. In terms of theory, we dive a little deeper into the concept of a "key" and harmonising that key.

  • Unit 4 | Poppy Fingerstyle
    Finally, Unit 4 brings everything together so far, but ramps up the difficulty. We combine chords, melody, embellishments and a range of fingerstyle patterns to create a country pop masterpiece that you will absolutely love learning!