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The course is all about building on the fundamentals from level 1, with some very well known and exciting techniques, such as "claw strumming" and "slap"! These techniques take your fingerstyle basics and really bring them to life!

  • Unit 1 | The Grab
    In this first unit, Thomas will be introducing you to the idea of "grabbing chords". Everything we've done up to this point has been working with single fingerpicking, now we're upgrading to be able to choose when we want more notes!

  • Unit 2 | The Sweep
    Our next challenge is to take the basic concept from the previous unit and level it up by introducing more complex chord shapes and quicker changes!

  • Unit 3 | The Slap
    We're going to take another big step up in this unit, by introducing percussion to our fingerstyle practice. We often call this technique "the slap", as we add a literal hit to the guitar strings on the 2nd and 4th beat of the bar.

  • Unit 4 - The Melody Maker
    For our final unit, we will take everything we have learned so far and put it all together in this beautiful piece. We use the slap, we use the 7th chords, we use the grab and we advance all of that by adding a detailed melody underneath.