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Without a doubt, Angus Young is one of the most influential rock guitar players in history, and in this player study, we dive into exactly why he's been so influential, and teach you how to play like the great man himself!

  • Unit 1 | For Those About To Solo
    We will now dive straight into a full Angus style solo! At this point, it's all about absorbing his sound and getting some great licks and concepts into your fingers, before we dive any deeper!

  • Unit 2 | For Those About To Rhythm
    Now we'll take a look at the track behind the solo. It's so important to understand the backing track as well as the lead, and we take this opportunity to talk about how ACDC approach the chord and rhythm parts when writing their amazing tunes!

  • Unit 3 | Young-isms
    For Unit 3, we start to take a deeper look at Angus's specific style for lead playing. We take a look at his vibrato style, his bending techniques and the rhythms he uses to play through the pentatonic scales.

  • Unit 4 | Build Your Solo
    Now we lay down a challenge for you, and an important learning curve to experience. We provide you with the backing track, a selection of Angus style licks (utilising everything we have covered so far) and then ask you to construct a solo!