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Cory Wong has propelled a mastery of rhythm playing to a platform that has made everyone in the guitar world stand up and listen. How often do we come across a virtuoso player who would prefer a 24 bar rhythm groove on a single chord, to a face-melting solo 24 bar solo! In this player study, we take a deep dive into Cory Wong's funky style. You'll learn the ability to choose which beat you accent to influence the groove of the track, the chords you need to play to get the Cory sound!

  • Unit 1 | The Cory Strum
    We kick off the course with an in-depth look at Cory Wong's right-hand technique. He is well known for having the loosest, funkiest and most boneless right wrist on the planet! Fear not, We don't quite have to turn the bones into cartilage to get the same sound!

  • Unit 2 | The Fretting Hand
    In this unit, we'll be taking single note melody lines, and adding the Cory Wong magic to pull them into the rhythm, rather than lead, category.

  • Unit 3 | Cory's Classics
    In this section, we'll be taking a look at 5 amazing tricks from Cory Wong's trick bag. These are little ideas that when applied to funk playing, take you to a whole new level.

  • Unit 4 | Getting It Wong
    In this final unit, Dion brings it all together for you! We have a super cool project piece for you to learn that uses the 16th note strumming, a variety of chords, key changes, pentatonic 3rd and 4th, plus everything that goes into a super cool Cory wong style song!