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During this course we complete our collection of 7th chords by tackling the Diminished 7th and Minor 7th flat 5 chord. These chords are commonly seen in jazz and can be used to create tension that resolves to a variety of chords. We then move onto harmonising an entire scale with 7th chords, which gives us a new set of chords to play with!

  • The Wonderful Word of Diminished!
    Up to this point we have covered the basic triad version of a diminished chord. It is only at this point, with the addition of a 4th note, where the diminished chords really come into their own and become a more familiar part of chord progressions. In this video we talk generally about the diminished chord and its purpose.

  • The m7b5 Chord
    Our first diminished chord, the minor 7th flat 5 chord, is also commonly known as 'half diminished'. This chord is a more relaxed version of the intense diminished triad and therefore finds a use in blues, jazz and a variety of other genres. We therefore tackle the construction of this chord as well as the uses.

  • Diminished 7th
    The fun doesn't stop with the m7b5 chord! We can also create what is known as a 'whole diminished' chord using the 7th. This chord retains more of the intensity of the original diminished chord and has a different usage to the m7b5. We discover all in this lesson!

  • Harmonising the Scale
    Now we have our diminished chords we will now be able to create a fully harmonised scale using 7th chords. In this lesson we run through the basic triad harmonisation first to get you back up to speed, before adding the 7th's in the next lesson.

  • Harmonising Sevenths
    In this final lesson of the course we take our harmonised key of C major and add the correct 7th chords to the correct degrees within the scale. Once again, this involves us learning a formula that you can then apply to any major key!