Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Costa Rica

In this section of our player study we will be looking at 4 awesome techniques and licks that EVH uses in his 'trick bag'! At the end of this section Jay will demonstrate how to use all these ideas in your own improvising.

Summary: Descending Tapping

Our first trick is all about moving your tapping patterns across the fretboard chromatically. There is no insane theory level going on here, this is simply EVH moving patterns across the neck because it sounds cool! So we kick off in the A minor pentatonic and then move the pattern down one fret at a time. We end up on the root note of A so it resolves.

SUMMARY: Eddie's blues

This very quick bluesy rock lick is all just in the A blues scale and involves a lot of legato playing, so can be a real challenge to get sounding clear. The scale and tab are as shown below:


To really get to grips with this lick check out the tab below. Be sure to use the slow down function to get the lick sounding perfect! As Jay always reminds us, "speed is a by-product of accuracy"!

Summary: Bending Taps

This is an extremely common lick you'll see EVH using, and it's a great one for our trick bag. We are combining bending with tapping, which gives you a really vocal sound. Once again we are using the A minor pentatonic shape 1, but also tapping a variety of other notes in A minor across the neck. Once again, it is important to know your scale shapes in a variety of keys to ensure you can move this lick into any key. Check out the tab below to see the full example.

Summary: 3 Rock Harmonics

There are 3 awesome little tricks that you can use with harmonics that EVH is guilty of using a lot in the 80's! Jay takes you through each type in the video above as we walk through the lick. The artificial tapped harmonics are extremely difficult to perform, so pay close attention to Jay walking you through it! Check out the tab below as well to start getting familiar with how these different harmonics are shown on guitar tab.

Summary: Improvising

For the final part of this section, Jay will demonstrate how you can apply these cool ideas to your own improvising of rock tracks. Jay kicks off in the key of A minor, but also moves into other keys to demonstrate how to transpose the ideas too. Watch Jay, try to get some inspiration and then try it for yourself over the backing tracks below. Have fun and good luck!

Audio: Backing Track & Audio

Below is a variety of rock tracks for you to practice over, in a variety of keys. Have some fun with it!

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Slap It

In our final solo study we will combine all of EVH's techniques and licks into a seriously hard solo to get together! This is not for the faint hearted, but if you really commit to it and put the practice in, you'll get it!