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In this course we start you on your journey toward becoming a brilliant blues player! Dan takes you through scales and techniques used to create truly authentic blues rhythm and solos!

  • Part 1 - Dirty Blues
    Welcome to level one of our Electric Blues Essentials series! In this course we will be taking you through the beautiful world of electric blues guitar, covering lead, rhythm and the theory to help you play like The Greats!

  • Part 2 - 7th Chords & The 12 Bar
    In unit 2 we dive into the theory that makes up our blues base, the dominant 7th chords and the 12 bar format. For the dominant 7th chords we tackle the theory behind the shapes and then how to play them in 5 positions of the neck.

  • Part 3 - Major & Minor Scales
    In unit 3 we will be coming back to our lead guitar playing and talking in depth about the major and minor crossover in the blues. We can use both the major pentatonic of the key, and the minor pentatonic of the key to create tasty licks!

  • Part 4 - Keys & Turnarounds
    In unit 4 we will be tackling the infamous “turnaround” as well as bringing together all your knowledge so far to be comfortable in any key. We also take a look at the “quick change” blues.

  • Part 5 - "Motivation Blues"
    For our final unit we will really push you, with a classic blues style solo utilising all of the lead theory we have been working with on this course.