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In the final instalment in our trilogy we learn something extremely important... The blues is so much more than a 12 bar! The blues is a feeling, the blues is a way of playing, the blues transcends far beyond the boundary of a 12 bar structure!

  • Unit 1 | Funky Blues
    In unit 1, our focus is the funky blues! This has a big John Mayer Trio vibe and is all about developing incredible right and left-hand coordination and understanding.

  • Unit 2 | Modern Blues
    In unit 2, we dial back the aggression and focus on a modern style blues, using the most modern fingerstyle techniques, with a cool new set of chords and arpeggios called the minor 7 flat 5's!

  • Unit 3 | 8 Bar Blues
    For unit 3, we return to the classic blues shuffle sound, but this time working through an 8 bar blues! Ever heard of it? Well, it's far more common than you think, with Clapton, Freddie King and many more being great lovers of the style!

  • Unit 4 | Soul Blues
    We've saved the best for last... Soul blues! We bring back the 6/8 groove from Essentials 2, and combining it with a much wider range of chords and bring in the most advanced piece of theory we have covered yet, namely the idea of "secondary dominants"