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In the second step of our intermediate electric course, you'll find out how Jimi Hendrix used CAGED chords to such startling effect, essentially playing both lead and rhythm at the same time! Along the way we'll also check out the famous "Rock & Roll" sound of the 50s. This is a challenging but extremely fun course that will take your playing all the way to an advanced standard.

  • Rock & Roll
    In this course we will teach you the classic rock & roll shuffle, the quintessential sound of the 1950s! You'll also learn to play a 12 bar blues and finally go through an awesome Chuck Berry-style tune!

  • Hendrix-style Chords Part 1
    What is it to play "Hendrix-style"? We'll show you, by combining pentatonic shapes with the CAGED chords we have learnt to create licks within chords.

  • Hendrix-style Chords Part 2
    Now we'll take the theory we discussed in the Part 1 (adding pentatonics to chords) and learn a new lick based in each position. This is an effective way to put the "Hendrix-style" into practice!

  • Hendrix-style Chords Part 3
    In this final section we will be adding minor chords to pentatonics and applying everything we have learnt so far to a very challenging "Hendrix-style" tune! This song a nod to "Little Wing", and will help you fully understand the Hendrix approach!