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In this beginner-intermediate course Dan takes you through the techniques and scales you'll need to play like Cream-Era Eric Clapton!

  • Unit 1 - Silly Beer
    In this 5 unit study, we tackle Eric Clapton's time in Cream. We kick off with a really cool solo, that really highlights Clapton’s Albert King influence, as well as introduces us to Clapton’s phrasing, vibrato, tone and movement between box 1 and box 2 pentatonic scales.

  • Unit 2 - The Minor Pentatonic
    In the second section we turn our attention to mastering the 5 minor pentatonic shapes. We work through one shape at a time, talking in terms of tones (root b3rd 4th 5th b7th) and supply a cool Cream era lick for each of them.

  • Unit 3 - Clapton 12 Bar
    In this section we take a break from the lead to look at a classic 12 bar style rhythm, up beat and hard! We look at the 12 bar structure, especially with quick blues tracks and build it up from the basic shuffle.

  • Unit 4 - A Deeper Dive
    We will now take our knowledge of the 5 shapes, and start putting them together in various keys and with linking patterns. We’ll also talk about the minor and major third, and using that to crossover to major pentatonic.

  • Unit 5 - Zebra Crossing
    We will now take everything and put it together in a Clapton style solo! This solo will really test your new knowledge, speed, phrasing and control, so strap in and get ready for some fun!