Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Unit 4 - A Deeper Dive

In our final unit we will be bringing together everything we have learnt so far and apply it to this epic guitar solo! It’s fast, it’s intense, and it’s based on Clapton at his most iconic. We’ll break the licks down one by one as we go through them, ensuring that you understand every note and how to apply it to your own soloing. Let’s get started! Check out the first video to get started and click here to check out the Materials Section below to access backing tracks and interactive tab!

Lesson 22: Lick 1

We kick off in box 4 of the A minor pentatonic, and quickly jump to box 2 and 1. This is a classic Clapton move, and involves you really knowing how to find these shapes. Hopefully, with the work we have done up to now, you will have a better grasp on doing exactly that. Here are those scale shapes for you!

Am Pentatonic Box 4

Am Pentatonic Box 2

Am Pentatonic Box 1

Lesson 23: Lick 2 & 3

For our next licks, we once again are jumping between those three pentatonic boxes. We use a lot of very cool bends, as well as the inclusion of that major 3rd that we talked so much about. To help you remember that, here is the shape you can use (remembering that it is more about knowing where the b3rd is and sharpening it to get the major 3rd).

Lesson 24: Lick 4 & 5

In these licks we bring in much more of the pentatonic box 3, initally sliding into it from box 4, and then creating a whole lick based in that box. It is so important that you are visualising these licks as you go through the boxes. So make sure to stop at certain points within the licks (whenever you feel to) and say to myself “can I play the pentatonic shape now?!”. If the answer is yes, well done!

Am Pentatonic Box 3

Lesson 25: Lick 6 & 7

For our final two licks, we have both the major and minor pentatonic scales in use, as well as a really cool turnaround lick, that resolves to the 5 chord. These are by far the most challenging licks of the track, so do take your time as you go through it, and start at a very low, steady pace. Here are those scale shapes.

Am Pentatonic Box 1

A Major Pentatonic Box 2

Lesson 26: Congrats!

You’ve done it! You have now got through the entire course and our last task is to piece this solo together! We’ll get it on loop at a slow speed, before breaking it apart and using the licks in our own improvisation! Remember, as with every course, we have now given you a range of tools and new knowledge, which means that you will need to apply it over months of playing to really get it to the point of habit. Good luck, thank you, and above all, have fun!

Materials: Interactive Tab & Backing Tracks

Below are the materials for this group of lessons. Click on the tab icon to open our super cool interactive tab player (this will allow you to slow down the tab and play along with the video). Alternatively, jump straight in with the backing tracks below. Good luck!

All done?


You've now completed Player Studies: Eric Clapton & Cream and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.