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Welcome to the theory section of our site. This is where we make sense of all the chords, scales and general guitar skills! Ever wondered why the G major is like it is, or what we actually mean when we talk about being in 'key'. We cover all this essential theory in a fun and easy to follow method that allows you to understand the inner workings of music and practically apply it to the guitar.

  • Essentials Part 1
    We firmly believe that theory can be fun and enjoyable, as long as you are always applying the theory to practical examples. In this first part we look at the major and minor scales and how to build them on them on the guitar.

  • Essentials Part 2
    Now that we have learnt the basics of scale construction we will turn our attention to chord construction. In this set of lessons we learn how to construct the 3 main triad chords - major, minor and diminished.