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In this 20 lesson course, we'll be taking your funk playing from absolute scratch, all the way up to confidently playing through 3 full funk tracks! These tracks span from early James Brown-style grooves to modern Bruno Mars style funky pop, and plenty in between.

  • Unit 1 | 16th Note Gym
    In unit 1, our focus is to get your right and left-hand synced up and hyper funky! It's important to build it up gradually, mastering each element at a time. So, we kick off with the focus on the 16th note strumming.

  • Unit 2 | Going Down Town
    In this unit we will work through our first full funk track, learning how the guitar player sits amongst the band in a "James Brown era" style groove.

  • Unit 3 | Minor 7th Mastery
    In this unit we'll be turning our attention to the minor 7th CAGED chords, to ensure we learn these fantastic chord shapes across the neck.

  • Unit 4 | Disco Funky Town
    For our final unit, we will be bringing together every single element that we have learnt so far, plus a whole lot more to piece together the final track! This track is a more modern, Bruno Mars style track that uses a range of funk techniques.