Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Lesson 9 - Two String Melodies

Summary: Funk Guitar In One track

In our final lesson from this course we will be putting everything we have learnt together in one super cool track. We'll be including a variety of chord shapes, 16th note strumming, ghost notes, double string melodies AND learning how to combine all of these techniques fluently!

Tab: Everything Together

For our final track we have put together a cool little part, that loops over 2 bars. This part is deceptively simple, but actually incorporates most of what we have learnt on this course. We have a cool 16th note chord groove, using m7th and triad shapes. This then develops into a single note line and then subtly back to a chord. The crossover of the two is the tricky bit, so take your time learning it. Firstly, here is the tab.

Audio: Full Track

If you would prefer to just dive straight in and play along with the audio tracks, they are here below. If you're really feeling confident, try with the backing track!

Theory: Chords & Scales

So, to put this part together we wanted some chords in the key of A minor, and to then utilize a funky groove in the key of A minor. We choose the Am7, F major and Dm7 chord (which you can see below). We also went to the wonderful A minor pentatonic shape 1 for our little single note groove. NOTE: Although the shapes below are the full shape, we are generally only strumming 3 strings, which you can see in the tab above. Take it slow, and when you’ve got it, pat yourself on the back, you’ve done amazing!

All done?


You've now completed Guitar Skills: Funk Fundamentals and taken a huge step forwards in your guitar playing journey.

Feel free to bask in glory for a while, or go ahead and try another course if you're hungry for more.