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This is NOT your standard guitar course! This course covers a subject area that is so important, and yet so often completely overlooked. How can you set up your space to make sure that you want to be there? To make sure that you want to pick up that guitar, want to play and want to practice. Without that, how can we possibly improve?

  • Unit 1 | The Hardware
    Our first unit takes place in the YGA studios! Dan will walk you through all of the hardware you might want to consider when setting up your home guitar space.

  • Unit 2 | On Tour Part 1
    With the absolute basics understood, we'll now take this show on the road and visit 5 different tutors' studios, to see exactly how they've done it!

  • Unit 3 | The Software
    The next phase of the course is to drill down on the software. We'll be covering DAWs, VSTs and a very basic, beginner's guide to using all of these programs. Our aim is to get you up and running, and working with these programs as quickly as possible!

  • Unit 4 | On Tour Part 2
    In our final Unit, we will be having a lot of fun! We will now go back to our 5 tutors' studios and ask them to show us how they practice and jam within their studio space.