Before tackling this course, you should be comfortable with all the material from Minor Licks & Chords

In this unit we’re going to take a break from the chord and lick ideas, and really focus in on just how awesome Jimi Hendrix is at soloing! We’re going to use a more Band Of Gypsys style track to highlight just how much you can get from simple old pentatonic box one (plus a few other neat tricks along the way). Enjoy! Click here to check out the Materials Section below to access the interactive tab of the song!


Lesson 16: The Main Riff

Our first task is to nail the main riff. It’s based in E minor pentatonic box 1, and is all about the groove! There are some really nice, subtle bends, vibrato, double stops and more to make this riff surprisingly difficult! Here is the pentatonic box:

Lesson 17: Solo Section 1

Now we’ll tackle the first set of licks, which demonstrate just how flexible that pentatonic box is. We do drop down and use the box one in the open position as well (including the blues notes), to add a different dynamic to this opening part of the solo. Here are those boxes:

Top Tip

The blues note (flat 5th) is always an option! Just don’t try to resolve to that note, it is very much a passing note.

Lesson 18: Solo Section 2

We’re now back up in the box 1 on the 12th fret, and we kick off with this fast hammer on and pull off trill sequence. This requires a lot of strength in the fingers, so take your time with getting this up to speed! We recommend doing it very slowly to get the notes even, before then speeding it up. As for the rest of the lick, it’s just pure Hendrix magic. Melody, style and aggression!

Lesson 19: Solo Section 3

For our final section we throw the book out and go for a range of Hendrix’s “other” skills that he demonstrates regularly! We kick off with a cool E minor scale run down, using only hammer ons and pull offs, followed by a great octave riff.

Top Tip

Octave riffs are a great way to add rhythm and melody at the same time to a track. You can just roll through the pentatonic or minor scale in octaves, creating a more rhythmical lick.

Lesson 20: All Together!

It’s time to get this whole track together, and we’ll be looping it in the video. Once we’ve gone round the track numerous times, we can start to take bits away from the track into our own soloing. Dan gives you a rage of examples on how to take the licks and use them for yourself. Be sure to use the extra jam tracks to have some fun with these licks!

Materials: Backing Tracks

Below are the materials for this group of lessons. Click on the tab icon to open our super cool interactive tab player (this will allow you to slow down the tab and play along with the video). Alternatively, jump straight in with the backing tracks below. Good luck!

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Channelling Hendrix!

In this final section we take everything we have learnt and really encourage your own creativity! It’s all about taking a simple track and working to make it a Hendrix track. Dan skillfully guides you through the process.