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Learn to play with John Mayer's unique flair in a course that covers every distinctive facet of his playing style. Encompassing acoustic grooves evocative of "Room For Squares", the awesome blues of "Trio" and the commanding lead playing of "Continuum", our John Mayer player study is a challenging course that will push any advanced player to new heights.

This is an extremely challenging course so we would advise that you have completed the Intermediate lead guitar beginners course (start here), have completed the entire beginners acoustic course (start here) and have looked over the Hendrix-Esque chord course (start here) before starting these lessons!

  • Acoustic John
    John has a unique acoustic style where he uses a sort of 'claw hammer' technique to add percussion and extremely groovy elements to his songs. We will specifically be analysing how John achieves the effect from the live version of 'Neon'!

  • Trio John
    We will now be looking at John's more bluesy guitar playing. The album 'Trio' is a masterpiece of bass, drum and guitar playing, and John really let's his inner blues come out! We single out how he combines big SRV style riffs riff quick Hendrix licks!

  • Electric John Rhythm
    In this course we will specifically look at Johns chord and rhythm approach from albums such as 'Contiuum', which includes licks, cool chord inversions and a lot of feel. We also work on playing without a pick!

  • Electric John Lead
    In this section we will be looking at John's lead approach, specifically at how he plays with his fingers rather than a plectrum. We study a cool solo where there are quick pentatonics in various positions, bluesy runs, dynamics and lots of cool ideas!

  • Getting The Tone
    With John Mayer we needed to find a variety of tones to cover the various stages of his guitar career. We look at the basics behind getting a good acoustic tone, then how we get the Trio tone and Continuum tone with a Strat, one amp and a few pedals!