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Our guitar gym lessons are all about learning and improving together. In the same way that you would put a fitness video on YouTube and sweat along, so too will you do this with Dan... Only it is your fingers that build up the sweat. In this course, we take you from basic finger exercises up to arpeggio exercises that will really develop your control as a player, plug in, learn the exercises and Master Your Fingers!

  • Unit 1 | Classic Finger Twisters
    We take 5 awesome exercises that work to build your strength and technique with both hands. These exercises are not always the most musical, but man do they do the job!

  • Unit 2 | Pentatonic Scales
    We move on to something a bit more musical in this unit. These exercises will develop your pentatonic knowledge and can be instantly applied to soloing!

  • Unit 3 | Three Note Per String
    This unit takes things up a level - getting into wider stretches and economy picking with a really useful new scale shape.

  • Unit 4 | Triad Arpeggios
    This final unit deals with arpeggios. You'll learn some really useful shapes and develop the picking techniques needed to really use them in your own playing!