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9th chords take chord construction to the next level, as we potentially get into the world of 5 note chords. As you can imagine, with this many notes in a chord the sound starts to get a little crowded, and massively changes. In this course we cover major 9th, minor 9th and dominant 9th chords. We discuss the effect of adding the 9th, how it makes the chord sounds, where they are used and how you don't have to play all 5 notes every time! This course is great for those of you looking to advance from basic 7th chord ideas and add even more chords to your repertoire.

  • What is a 9th?
    To kick off this course we answer the first basic question... 'Where does the 9th come from if the scale only has 7 notes?' As with most theoretical questions, the answer is simple but only if you know it!

  • Major 9th Chord
    Our first 9th chord to study is the major 9th. It always makes sense to start with major as you are never altering the scale, just picking notes from it instead. This makes the scale formulas easy to remember and sets us up for the more difficult formulas.

  • Minor 9th Chords
    Let's now take a look at the minor 9th chords, which are once again built up from the minor 7th chord base. With minor 9th we have moved a long way from the original minor chord sound, so this chord has a very different usage to the basic minor, as we discover in this lesson.

  • Dominant 9th Chords
    For our final 9th chord we will be looking at the dominant family. Just as with the last two chords, we build the 7th chord first, then add the 9th. This is only the second dominant family chord we have made, so it's a very important chord that is the backbone of a lot of blues and funk playing!

  • 9th Chords in Practice
    It may have crossed your mind during this course, that having a 5 note chord could prove tricky on the guitar. This is especially true when looking for a variety of shapes (using the CAGED system for example). In this lesson we discuss how to use 9th chords in practice on the guitar.