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If you've ever learnt a Clapton solo, or from any blues / rock players, you will have played the pentatonic scale! Now it's time to understand the scale, in a theoretical setting. In this course we shed some light on why this scale is so commonly used, and why it sounds so good over a variety of chord progressions!

  • What is the pentatonic?
    To kick off our series on the pentatonic scale, we look at what it is, and the fact that there are two different types... Major & minor! These are totally different scales and must be treated differently, even though they are both pentatonic scales.

  • The Major Pentatonic
    Let's now dive in to take a look at the major pentatonic scale. For lot of guitarists it will be pretty strange to hear the major pentatonic, as the minor is so commonly used in blues and rock. However, this scale plays a key part in a variety of genres, including blues and rock, so it must be learnt!

  • The Minor Pentatonic
    The electric guitarist's best friend is the minor pentatonic! Most electric players can play the shape, but do you understand the theory behind it?

  • The Blues Scale
    Now we have the minor pentatonic understood, the next step is to learn the blues scale. This cool new scale is the minor pentatonic with an additional note. It has a unique sound and is commonly used across all genres, not just blues!

  • Scale Test!
    Time to put your new knowledge to the test with a quick test! In this video, Dan will ask you to work out a variety of pentatonic and blues scales. So, get a pen and paper ready and have some fun!