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We take guitar gym to an intermediate level with this course, where we aim to truly master the pentatonic shapes. We begin with the main 5 shapes across the neck, pushing them to 80BPM 16th notes, which we can tell you is pretty darn quick! We then add in some cool sequences, legato versions and gradually work our way up to 100BPM 16th notes by the end of the course. Each workout is a big step up from the last, so take your time on each workout until you can successfully play along with Dan, then move up to the next workout.

  • Workout 1
    Our first workout session is all about nailing the 5 pentatonic shapes across the neck in a variety of keys. We also remove the focus from Shape 1, and make sure that you are starting from the other shapes, rather than just focusing all our attention on the first.

  • Workout 2
    In the second workout we bring in a new sequence across all 5 shapes, as well as start to develop our legato playing (hammer ons and pull offs). We then combine the two workouts!

  • Workout 3
    Our third workout takes another big step up as we start to move towards 100BPM 16th notes! That is seriously quick and it will take a lot of practice to get to that point comfortably. We also add a new exercise to the pot!

  • Workout 4
    Our final workout will really push every single intermediate player to the limit of their technique! We introduce some cool linking patterns in a variety of keys and then put everything together at 100BPM 16th notes. Be prepared to put in some serious practice!