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The first in our series about understanding and, just as importantly, using all the modes. If you want to develop a full understanding of the modes start here!

  • Unit 1 | Ionian Theory
    In this unit, we will be getting familiar with how this scale sounds and feels, and the important notes within this scale that give it its defining qualities. As we continue through the unit, we will add the five scale shapes that you'll need as well as how to then harmonise a full Ionian key.

  • Unit 2 | Harmonising
    Now that we've covered the scale aspect of Ionian, let's take a look at how to create chords within the Ionian mode. This is the often forgotten step when we first start looking at modes, and honestly, should be the most important!

  • Unit 3 | Motown Track
    Now that we've had a deeper look into harmony, we are going to learn how to use this practically through the use of triads. In this unit, we will be learning our first Ionian piece in the style of Motown, a genre that uses Ionian melody and harmony.

  • Unit 4 | Brit Pop Track
    The Ionian, due to its pleasant and satisfying nature, is incredibly versatile. In this unit, we will be exploring a completely different genre that heavily relies on this mode, in the form of Brit Pop.

  • Unit 5 | Daft Pop
    In our final unit, we will once again take our Ionian mode, but this time apply it to a cool, Daft Punk inspired pop track. This is a fantastic opportunity to take our harmonised scale to the next level, by adding in the 7th chord versions across the key.