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This course will take you on a journey through the rock genre, from classic rock to more modern sounds, working with the rhythm and lead approach you need to be a rock player!

  • Unit 1 | Revolving Rock
    We're jumping straight in this first unit, head first, with your first solo. The solo has a Slash vibe and is all about taking your pentatonic shapes, adding a few extra notes, and working on the feel and energy behind rock playing.

  • Unit 2 | Riffing
    For this unit, we will leave the world of lead guitar and pull our attention to the world of rock rhythm guitar! The great thing about rock rhythm is that we are always on the edge of breaking into lead.

  • Unit 3 | Technique Builder
    In this unit, we're going to take a break from learning full tracks and focus instead on building your technique, especially working on building speed and strength in the fingers.

  • Unit 4 | Slow Jam
    For our final unit, we're bringing it all together. Groove, chords, melodies and epic soloing! This is a true test of what we have been learning, and it's a full song to learn and master!