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A fundamental understanding of triad chords gives us a solid base, but as we expand the chord harmony we enter into a new world of sounds, many of which define certain genres of music! In this course we learn how minor 7th, major 7th and dominant 7th chords are constructed, as well as get a deeper understanding of chord construction in general. If you love jazz, blues and funk music then this course will help you take a massive leap in understanding of those genres.

  • 7th Chord Harmony
    Our first task is to understand the basics behind how seventh chords are built, which means recapping our basic triad chords (major and minor) and building from there.

  • Major 7th Chords
    Our first 7th chord is the major 7th. This chord takes the very happy, upbeat sound of the major, and relaxes it a bit! You often find the major 7th chord in jazz, lounge and chillout music due the chilled out sound it creates.

  • Minor 7th Chords
    It's now time to tackle minor 7th chords, which are built upon basic minor chords but they have a more relaxed feel. This is an awesome chord and one that gets a lot of use across all genres.

  • Dominant 7th Chords
    Our final 7th chord is a brand new type of chord for us at this stage of theory. The 'dominant' family of chords only starts from the 7th as you need the mixture of the major triad and minor 7th to create it. This chord practically defines blues music, and is also seen in jazz and funk as well as many other genres.

  • Chord Test!
    Time to test your new skills! Dan takes you through, from start to finish, a few examples of 7th chords to make sure you totally understand how to build them. When you are confident try the examples beneath the video to really test yourself!