Our first task is to understand the basics behind how seventh chords are built, which means recapping our basic triad chords (major and minor) and building from there. This lesson will perfectly set us up for understanding all three of the seventh chords we will be looking at in this course.

Summary: 7th Chord Harmony

7th chords are our first step into the world of 4 note chords. Up to now, we have been dealing with 3 note chords which we have called the triads. It's important to realise at this stage that we are building the 7th chords based on the triad chords, so we're not having to remember 3 totally new chord formulas! They are very much based on either the major or minor triad chord, plus an extra note. Our first task therefore, is to get our scale ready. We will be dealing with the A major scale in this series of videos, so here it is:

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Major 7th Chords

Our first 7th chord is the major 7th. This chord takes the very happy, upbeat sound of the major, and relaxes it a bit! You often find the major 7th chord in jazz, lounge and chillout music due the chilled out sound it creates.