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The term 'triad' in a musical setting simply means 3 note chord. In previous courses we have tackled the major, minor and diminished triad chords, which are the most commonly used. However, there are many more triad chords in the theory world, including suspended and augmented chords, which we tackle in this course.

  • Triad Chords
    In our first lesson on triads, we answer the basic question, what is a triad? We recap how to construct the major, minor and diminished triads and get you ready to tackle slightly more advanced triad chords in the following lessons!

  • Sus2 Chords
    With the basic theory out of the way, let's start learning some new chords! We start with the extremely common suspended 2nd chord (Sus2). These chords are extremely useful and everyone, from Ed Sheeran to Eddie Van Halen, loves to use them!

  • Sus4 Chords
    For every Sus2 chord you'll come across. there will probably be a Sus4 chord not far away! As you may have guessed by the name, this is another suspended chord, except this time we use the fourth note of the scale, rather than the second.

  • Augmented Chords
    We now tackle one of the lesser used triad chords, the augmented chord. This chord tends to be used more in jazz than any other genre due to its unresolved sound and slight dissonance. Nevertheless, it is a triad chord, and one you should know!

  • Chord Test!
    We have now looked at 6 triad chords all in all, which completes our set of triad chords. So... Can you remember them? We put that to the test in this video where Dan challenges you to work out a variety of triad chords!