Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 3

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 3

Intermediate Level

Welcome to our Acoustic Fingerstyle Level 3 course! Thomas is back to take you on the final leg of our epic journey to fingerstyle greatness. With the completion of Level 1 & 2 you will have the core concepts truly under your belt, and this course is where we really start to dive into the fun stuff! Travis picking, chord melody, groove, going beyond the basic chords and so much more.

We've put together 4 incredible pieces that will guide you through each concept, and massively improve your overall understanding of fingerstyle guitar.

Thomas asks the question, 'how can we view the guitar as more than just scales, solos and powerchords & how can we start to think about it like a musical instrument?'. This third level is all about giving you those concepts, teaching you how to play and understand them, and then letting you freely explore the ideas and work them into your own playing, improvisation and songwriting. We do this with 4 units, covering 4 incredible fingerstyle pieces that we've called... Chord Breakout, Celtic King, Travis Picking & Ode To Tommy

With each track we introduce a new concept, focusing either on the left or right hand to ensure we push your fingerstyle playing to a whole new level!

Unit 1: Chord Breakout

We're working with the CAGED chord positions to show you how to start breaking out of the first 3 or 4 frets of the guitar and create a far more expansive fingerstyle piece!

Unit 2: Celtic King

It unit 2 we're taking a big swing to a completely different style, with an overarching aim to massively improve your legato playing.

Unit 3: Travis Picking

In unit 3 we start a slightly new quest... Travis picking! You are now in a position to take on this very common style, made famous by Merle Travis.

Unit 4: Ode To Tommy

In this unit we put everything that we've learnt together in an "Ode to Tommy" referring of course to Tommy Emmanuel.