YGA guitar lessons are all broken down into 8 categories to make it easy to keep your progress organised.

Guitar Skills

Guitar 101! Here you'll pick up all the tools you need to become the complete guitarist.

Player Studies

Learn to play like the greats with our in-depth studies of legendary players.

Guitar Gym

Try our range of workout routines designed to build up your strength, stamina and accuracy.

Theory Lab

Get academic with our lessons which put the "fun" into "music theory fundamentals".

Guest Corner

There are a lot of very talented guitar players, makers and tutors out there, and here in Guest Corner we give them a chance to tell us more about them.

Song Jukebox

There's nothing more fun that applying all of your new knowledge by learning hit songs. Select the artist / band below to see the songs and start learning.

Jam Tracks

As guitar players, we need to practice our chord, rhythm and lead skills on a daily basis. There is nothing more fun than jamming to high quality backing tracks and applying your new licks, rIffs and grooves.