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Brian May

Advanced Level

This is the real life

Welcome to the Brian May Player Study, an exciting and in-depth exploration of Brian May's legendary guitar style. Presented by the talented the talented Dion, this course offers five comprehensive units that dissect the essence of Brian May's sound. Dive into Brian's technique, mastering his vibrato, bends, and trills, and discover how to achieve his iconic tone (without resorting to using a coin as a pick!). Explore scales, arpeggios, and chord clusters, empowering you to effortlessly navigate major and minor chord changes. Unlock the secrets of Brian May's epic harmonies and learn how to create your own. Each new concept you grasp is immediately applied to new solos, riffs, or chord progressions, ensuring practical integration into your guitar playing.

Take A Bow

We kick off our first unit with an awesome Brian May style solo, based around some of his more theatrical Queen solos. We focus in on his vibrato style, flowing lead, behind the beat playing as well as his tone.

Lead Clusters

Let's get down to some nitty-gritty by looking at a fantastic way to start grouping scales and chords into "lead clusters" that will help you quickly navigate chord changes whilst playing some very cool lead licks.

Queen Of Hearts

n our third unit, we will be working on some more application of our "cluster" concept by learning another Brian May style solo. As well as that, we'll be continuing to narrow down on Brian's lead guitar techniques.


When we think of Brian May and Queen, one of the first things that comes to mind is harmony guitar parts! It's such a huge part of his sound, now it's time for you to learn how to do these harmony parts.

Brian Taps?

In our final unit, we will be tapping into Brian May's more advanced playing. Pun intended! We'll be taking an early Queen style track to teach you some bluesy, arrogant playing, with some advanced tapping techniques.