Lead Guitar Beginners Level 2

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Lead Guitar Beginners Level 2

Beginner Level

In the second level of our beginners' lead guitar course, it's time to build upon the foundations you've learned by playing some solos in the style on Eric Clapton, B.B. King and others! Encompassing pentatonic scales, full major and minor scales, vibrato and various lead techniques, everything we cover will improve your own improvising and help you write your own solos!

Unit 1: Rock Vibrato

Firstly, rock vibrato is used in a variety of settings, not just rock! The main focus if this course is to show you how to do the technique properly by giving you exercises and cool solos to practise.

Unit 2: Blues Like B.B.

In this set of lessons, we will be adding our second pentatonic shape, learning how to use the 'BB Box' and even tackling a BB King inspired blues solo. The solo will really push you to move those fingers a little faster and learn some cool new licks!

Unit 3: Linking Like Clapton

We will learn how to move through our pentatonics in a more musical way. These linking patterns really are key to understanding how many of the classic blues and rock players improvise across the entire neck.

Unit 4: More Notes More Fun Part 1

We will be taking our pentatonic shapes in minor and major and add 2 extra notes to them to create the 'full' major and minor scale. This will give us access to more notes to improvise with and therefore create more ambitious solos and riffs!

Unit 5: More Notes More Fun Part 2

We will be continuing where we left off by taking the scale shapes and applying half step bends and learning a really challenging solo. The solo will take most of this section of the course as it is very tricky, so take your time with it and have fun!