Noel Gallagher

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Noel Gallagher

Beginner Level

It's fair to say that Noel Gallagher is one of the major reasons a lot of students pick up the guitar in the first place, and the day we all learn how to strum Wonderwall as a student is a mega day indeed! Noel Gallagher is an incredible singer, songwriter and guitar player, and we have so much we can learn from him. He's a true master of melody, both in his chord choice as well as in his lead guitar playing. We don't need to be able to shred, we don't need a million new chord shapes, we simply need to learn how to take what we have, add a few choice extras, and make our playing come alive!

Always Look Forward In Wonder

Our focus here is on the first song, which covers a huge variety of skills and techniques.

Melodic Lead At It's Best

In our second unit we will be taking the same wonderful track, but now looking at all of the lead parts within it.

Mega Moderate

We'll be focusing on the rhythm and chords in this unit, so when you're ready, pick up your guitars and let's get started!

Mega Moderate Solo

In this final unit we will take a deep dive into the solo sections within this track.